The Territorial Creative Arts Ensemble seeks to glorify God (worship), grow in Jesus (discipleship), and connect with our communities (fellowship/outreach) through the arts.  The group will meet up to 6 times a year via Zoom and up to 3 times a year in person to learn, create resources, teach, and perform to support the various ministries of The Salvation Army through performances and/or arts education.  The Zoom meetings and in person weekends will be set to brainstorm, plan, create material, rehearse as necessary, and train.  
All members will meet via Zoom.  Select members will travel in person depending on the scope of the ministry weekends.  

+ Members must be 18+ years old by September 22, 2022.

+ DANCE: Create a video of you dancing to a slow song and then an upbeat song.  Each dance should showcase 3 counts of 8.
+ DRAMA: Create a 30 second video of you doing a monologue.  If you don’t have a monologue, it can be a scripture passage of your choice, such as 1 Corinthians 13 in The Message translation.
+ WRITING: Submit 2-3 pieces of your work under 1000 words in the genre of spoken word or script writing.  Submit a video (under 1 minute) of yourself talking about your work and yourself as an artist.  If you do spoken word, you can record yourself performing your piece as well. 
+ VISUAL ARTS: Submit 3 pieces of your work and share your strengths – such as the mediums you use and the style you create in.  Submit a video (under 1 minute) of yourself talking about your work and yourself as an artist.
+ Submit videos of areas you are interested in doing by August 12, 2022.  Please submit a video for each genre in which you would like to participate and also indicate your strongest genre. 

Please note that your supervisor, corps officer, and divisional commander will need to approve your participation in the group.